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Pouches With Poison Prevention

Child resistant packaging is becoming more and more of a necessity for brand owners. Mostly driven by the rapid growth of recreational cannabis and the advent of detergent pods that look like candy. Regardless of the product, poison prevention is a serious matter. Not only for the safety of our children, but for the liability and legal consequences of the brand owner.

3-Flange Zipper for Cannabis and Child-Resistant Applications

Certified construction: 48 ga. PET / 48 ga. MET PET / 4.0 MIL LLDPE

As sealed into a package in the configuration shown, Child Resistant zipper has been successfully tested to meet the packaging requirements for child resistance according to U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, CFR 16 Part 1700.2, and as referenced by A.S.T.M. D3475.

The Freedom To Customize

If the intent is to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, you’ll need something that offers both compliance and print customization. Our flexible packaging solutions, such as these CR pouches, offer just that. All pouches are sized and printed to your specifications and you are only limited by your imagination for how your brand is recognized at the point of purchase. Let our staff guide you on how to get the best bang for your buck.